Expert repair service available 24 hours on all makes of heating and process boilers and connected systems including:

    • Low and high pressure steam boilers.
    • Hot water heating boilers.
    • Domestic and process water heaters.
    • Fuel burners firing natural or manufactured gas and/or No.2 through No.6 oil.
    • Boiler feed water and condensate pumps and systems.
    • Circulating pumps - heating and domestic water.
    • Fuel oil pumps and heaters.
    • Cabinet, unit and convection heaters and controls.
    • Electric, pneumatic and thermostatic temperature controls, valves and systems.
    • Thermostatic, float and bucket steam traps.
    • Water and steam pressure regulators.
    • Steam and water heating piping.
    • High Temperature refractory and insulation.

    Expert maintenance on all equipment serviced including:

    • Preparation for annual boiler inspection.
    • Boiler fireside and waterside cleaning.
    • Fuel burner testing and calibration using modern electronic combustion test equipment.
    • Pump, motor, fan bearing lubrication.
    • Boiler water treatment.


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