Energy Efficiency Services, Inc. can provide an expert detailed analysis of your existing boiler - burner system's condition and operating efficiency. This service can include all controls and components of your heating or process system.

    Today we are offering a service that will put the operation and maintenance of your system in clear, understandable terms. This service includes but is not limited to the following:

    • We will inspect and test your system to determine its state of function.
    • We will interview your staff and/or contractors to determine their capabilities.
    • We will define what needs to be done to operate your system efficiently and economically and put this in a clear and understandable maintenance manual in written, VCR or CD Rom format.
    • Provide hands on instructions for your staff and/or contractors.
    • Monitor your facility to determine if the services are being performed as required.
    • If applicable, outline a program to restore or renovate your system to fully functional efficient operation.

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